The Southern California Tennis Association Foundation is honored to celebrate National Girls & Women in Sports Day. We salute their drive, strength, honor, commitment, endurance and strength to learn, play and thrive in all sports, especially tennis. It’s our mission to provide equal opportunities to all genders by supporting tennis players, programs and organizations in Southern California.

“We have an important role to keep the momentum going to support girls and women in the Southern California tennis community,” said Linda Milan, the Executive Director for the Southern California Tennis Association Foundation. “We help girls have access to lessons and camps, we support promising junior players, college-bound athletes and those striving in the professional ranks.”

This national celebration was created to raise awareness and act as a reminder about the positive aspects of sports and the continued need to promote gender equality in every way.  It started in 1987 by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan to share the importance of women playing sports. It has evolved to recognize all females of all skill levels including professionals, amateurs and aspiring athletes.

This national day is also meant to reinforce the importance of Title IX, which was passed in 1972 to provide equal access to sports for girls and women in the U.S.  During the 2022 San Diego Open WTA 500, in which the SCTA Foundation was an event sponsor, there was a 50th Anniversary celebration of the passing of Title IX.

“Title IX is one of the most important pieces of legislation in the 20th Century. In 1972 this educational amendment was signed – 37 words…and in it there is the word “activity,” said tennis icon Billie Jean King. “They couldn’t decide whether to keep it in or take out. But they left it in…Guess what? That’s the only reason we have equal number of sports scholarships for girls today…Thank you for leaving in the word “activity” otherwise there would be few scholarships for women. For the next 50 years we have a long way to go.”

About Southern California Tennis Association Foundation – Founded in 1986, the Southern California Tennis Association Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and is the charitable arm of USTA Southern California.  The Foundation’s mission is to “Change lives and build communities through tennis.” Since 2020, the SCTA Foundation has had a community impact of giving over $1million in tennis grants and tennis scholarships to deserving youth, adults, tennis organizations, tennis facilities and tennis programs to make tennis an equal opportunity sport, accessible to all, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, or economic background. Visit us on Social Media on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. To learn more about the SCTA Foundation go to:  To donate go to: