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Founded in 1986, the Southern California Tennis Association Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is the charitable arm of USTA Southern California. For three decades, the Foundation has raised money and made grants to tennis programs that serve disadvantaged youth, promising junior players, and select tennis tournaments and events.

In October 2019, the Foundation received a generous gift of $3 million dollars from an anonymous donor. This gift provided the inspiration and financial depth to propel the mission of the Foundation to the next level. Now, the primary objective is to build the Foundation into a world-class organization widely known for its impact on the people, communities, and popularity of tennis in Southern California.

We fund local programs, innovative projects and events that increase access, availability, and participation of tennis for people of all ages, abilities, ethnicity, and economic backgrounds. We also offer scholarships that support promising young junior players who are working hard to achieve their tennis aspirations.

What drives us?
We believe anybody can play tennis and that anybody who wants to play tennis should be able to play regardless of their age, ability, fitness level, or amount of money in their pockets. Tennis is fun, social, and healthy and we want more people to play and enjoy it. Our goal is to make it possible for people of all ages and walks of life to pick up a racquet, jump on a court, and start playing the game.

More than a ball and racquet
People who play tennis know it’s an amazing sport. It requires timing, coordination, fitness, strategic thinking, and mental toughness. But the benefits of the sport extend far beyond the court. It teaches teamwork, resiliency, and problem solving. It’s builds self-confidence and self-esteem. It fuels creativity, potential, and dreams. It forms groups that create a sense belonging, lasting friendships, and fond memories. It can even inspire a teen to go to college. And it’s fun!

It teaches teamwork, resiliency, discipline, and problem solving.

Breaking down barriers
We want to make tennis available to everyone. We’re driven to break down barriers in an effort to bring tennis to places and people it’s never (or rarely) been before. Diversity, availability, accessibility are our mantras. We want kids to seniors, veterans to the disabled, to know that there are places to play nearby their homes. We want to get more youth playing because we know the benefits of tennis can have a lifelong positive impact on their education, careers, and lives. And we want promising young juniors to have the support they need to fulfill their tennis dreams and aspirations.

Pass on your “LOVE” for the game
We have a mighty vision and we’re changing lives, but it’s our gracious donors that deserve all the credit. Without them, the barriers to playing the game would remain high and a lot fewer inner-city youth, seniors, and people from underserved communities would be playing tennis. As a fan, your support can make tennis accessible to everyone so they can enjoy the benefits of the game you’ve come to know and love.


To advance the enjoyment, awareness, and participation of tennis to
make a positive impact on communities and the lives of people of all ages, ability, ethnicity, and economic background in Southern California.


Expand the popularity of tennis in Southern California.

For The LOVE of The Game
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