By Karen Ronney

The SCTA Foundation is pleased to announce the spring 2022 Kramer Future Champions Scholarship Grant recipients. Congratulations to 15 promising juniors between the ages of 8 and 18 from Southern California, who aspire to play high level or national juniors, collegiate and/or professional tennis. This impressive group shows significant promise on and off the court. They are:

  • Nicole Gorbacheva (Los Angeles)
  • Zinhao Weng (Huntington Beach)
  • Simon Catanzaro (Santa Monica)
  • Denise Campbell (Redlands)
  • Adrien Abarca (Chula Vista)
  • Jaylene Aguirre (Ventura)
  • Emma Lyons (Los Angeles)
  • Denise Sanchez, Los Angeles
  • Philip Venidis (Irvine)
  • Maximos Venidis (Irvine)
  • Gwyneth Britton (Sierra Madre)
  • Jamy Atallah (Corona)
  • Joey Atallahm (Corona)
  • Jubilee Perez (Riverside)
  • Isaiah Parra (Los Angeles)

“We congratulate this amazing group,” said Linda Milan, the Executive Director of the SCTA Foundation. “We look forward to hearing about how the scholarships will help them compete and grow their tennis games.

“The Kramer Future Champions Scholarships are awarded three times per year and applications open in February, June and October. Recipients must display a high degree of competitiveness, excellent academics and impeccable sportsmanship. For further details about scholarships, including application dates, please CLICK HERE.




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